Alternatives of online streaming via couch tuner – top 3 ones!

Are you the one who feels that online streaming via is the only option one can use for their time pass? If yes, then don’t think so. No doubt that online streaming is the best way to deal with the tired and bad mood, but it is not only the way. Few of the population is getting attracted towards it, but the continuous watching of these series makes them addicted towards it also. That is why they should stay aware of the habit of it. Just watch the movies for fun but do not do it on a regular basis. One should go for other things as well. Lots of people are asking for what to do if not to stream online. We are not claiming that not to stream but do it in limited time so that you will not get addicted. Other than streaming, there are many more things on can do to make up their mind and get active again.


Several things are there one can do without online streaming. The top 3 alternatives are:-

Walking in the park

If you do not have anything and one watched the web series yesterday, then one should go for a walk. Walking in a park will freshen up the mind of the person and will make him feel the nature to get active again.

Reading books

Reading book is also a great way t deal with the bad mood. Even by reading the books, it will make the person learn about different new things. 

Go for soft music

Listening to songs is also a great way to make the mood get refreshed back. This will make them enjoy the music, which makes them feel stable and calm.